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About Tanascius' depot of VGA Planets stuff

My utility is written in Vbasic 6, and requires Windows 95 or better and the proper DLLs to run. It is totally free of charge, and also free of warranty. I have tested them a lot, and my computer is still working. But of course you'll be using them at your own risk. Comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome at

That all those different routines and little programmes finally came together to blend into this shiny tool is solely my achievement. But for this thing actually working on other machines than on my own, for it having hardly any bugs and for being at least somewhat userfriendly you should be grateful to just a handfull of betatesters: Tachyon - who undoubtly had the greatest impact in the making of this tool. Dirk Fischbach who concentrated on pointing out my bad english - his special achievement is the "mine calculator". Matthias Gietl, he found some minor bugs and often gave input on features; in addition to that he translated the complete helpfile. And last but not least Martin Auer - he was the only betatester to "achieve" a "red error" (1 (!) MC too much) - but because of that he was the one to hunt down and squash the nastiest bug of all.